About Bluefires

At Bluefire we do not think of a fireplace as a luxury item. Having a fireplace in your home certainly adds a fundamental quality to one’s life that feels luxurious. Just as having access to organic produce improves our experience of tasting our food and nourishing our bodies, having a fireplace in our home adds a quality of heat and light that speaks to something fundamental in us and makes our home feel more inviting.

I have been told that when people see images of our fireplaces their impression is that they are expensive. In fact our fireplaces are a bit more expensive than the average. This is because the fireplaces that we create are bespoke to suit your exact needs, are of a higher quality than average and offer aesthetic and technical solutions that cannot be found elsewhere.

My name is Gianluigi and I am the founder of Bluefires. I have been working at the top of the field with gas fireplaces in Italy since 1999. The companies that we work with are carefully chosen for the quality of their craftsmanship. They are companies who’s owners and craftsmen I personally know and who stand for innovation, skill and professionalism.

Through my years of experience with indoor and outdoor fire places I have learned that, although fire places are simple in concept, there are many details that must be considered in order to create a fireplace that functions well, looks beautiful and lasts a long time.

Outdoor fireplaces must be designed to withstand the extremes of hot, cold, wet and dry weather and the materials that they are made of must look good after years of being outside. Our outdoor fire collection is designed, made and tested in Canada through wind and rain and sun by a company that has focused on functional, beautiful outdoor fires for over 20 years.

Our Indoor fireplaces are manufactured in Holland and each one is tested for function and aesthetics before it is shipped. The depth of knowledge and over 35 years experience of the team that creates our indoor fires allows us to offer a myriad of options and variations: swirling flue pipes, silenced smoke extraction systems and hanging glass hoods are just a few of the possibilities.

 All of the fire places that we offer meet the highest quality standards and meet or exceed interior designers and architects expectations.

Blue fire has two locations to serve you, one in the city of Venice and the other in London.

We hope to work with you soon.



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