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Hanging fireplaces 


When we talk about temporary and modern fireplaces, we cannot neglect free hanging fireplaces. There are numerous ways to devise a free hanging fireplace; it can be central, near a wall, gas or bioethanol. They are extremely modern interior and exterior design pieces which can, at the same time, be adapted to several settings.  Our collection of free hanging fireplaces is a unique range of design fireplaces which include fantastic hoods in glass or in other materials, hanging on the ceiling and are perfectly integrated consequently creating a marvellous design centrepiece all year round. 

Many models of fireplaces with free hanging hoods are included among the free hanging fireplaces. They use coloured or transparent glass for the utmost visual transparency and have all kinds of customized options. We work in close contact with customers and designers to create distinctive fireplaces that stand the test of time. We would like to invite you to have a look at some of our previous projects and extraordinary collections so that you can be inspired. We always recommend you rely on our consultants for useful advice and information for an artistic and unique installation.

Hanging Florence

Hanging Fireplace

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Hanging fireplaces

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