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Explore our exclusive collection of double-sided fireplaces (also known as tunnel fireplaces). Double-sided fireplaces are an excellent way to divide a large area and maintain light and visual flow from setting to setting. Many of our doubled-sided fireplaces incorporate glass and it, besides radiating heat, keeps a sensation of open light throughout the area. Our double-sided fireplace collection is suitable for all kinds of settings, both for the ultra-modern and more traditional homes; imagination is the sole limit.

Central double-sided fireplaces are the ideal solution for dividing two rooms and allow perfect view of the fire in both rooms. Thanks to their double opening they can be installed in the centre of a room, inserted into a wall or even be used to link the living room area to the bedrooms. Three-sided fireplaces are, of course, a choice that impacts strongly and represents a very interesting solution for interior design. Three-sided fireplace models are suitable for even small rooms as they reduce the masonry needed to contain them (or other material as they are absolutely customizable based on the interior decorating of the room), and give wider breadth to the room as well as a splendid view of the fire on all three open sides.

Architects’ prime choice

Doubled-sided fireplaces have a spectacular effect as you can see the flames from two sides: they are interior designers’ prime choice. Double-sided fireplaces of well-finished and minimalistic features have often been chosen in the most exclusive locations as ideal living room pieces. Contact our consultants for advice according to your needs.

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Double and three-sided fireplaces

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