We offer an exclusive indoor and outdoor fireplace collection. Prices are from 6500 Euros, VAT and transport excluded, and increase based on the fireplace design, materials, finishes and technical solutions required. The bioethanol fireplaces are priced according to the type, burners for antique or modern fireplaces and can be sold separately.

We sometimes have projects in which feasibility is difficult to achieve. For us these are challenges which we wish to win. They are ambitious projects and often unique; each one of them must be quoted in relation to their requirements. We are therefore able to provide initial base prices for single fireplace according to your needs on the phone or by e-mail. We subsequently give advice on site which is charged to the customer and then refunded upon receipt of an order.

We collaborate with major fireplace builders in Europe and Canada which allows us to offer a unique and magnificently designed collection of fireplaces with exceptional attention to details. 

Faq – Domande frequenti

Are your fireplaces customized?

Most of our fireplaces are custom-made and made to order. We also offer a series of standard models but are generally called upon for our customized fireplaces. We can adapt and customize elements of existing models according to your ideas and needs, as well and adapt them to the location and individual styles, for example size, colour, finishes and materials.

Do you supply and install?

We generally install all our customized fireplaces although there are a few exceptions in which we can only supply or supervise installation.

Are your fireplaces decorative or do they produce heat?

Our main philosophy is to focus on manufacturing outstanding, well-designed fireplaces. Most of our fireplaces are considered decorative, open fireplaces which means that they, by their very nature, produce radiant, pleasant heat but they are not considered efficient heat sources (they are not the main source of heat in a house, they do not replace a furnace, they are not an integration to a heating system). The lift door line, on the other hand, is considered high efficiency and has a very high heat emission. It unites efficiency and avant-garde design.

How much do your fireplaces cost?

It depends on the model, the type (open /lift door fireplace) and on the type of fuel (natural gas or bioethanol). The cost generally ranges from 6500 Euros + VAT and transport. Bioethanol burners have other prices depending on the model and type. Once we talk to you, we understand your design requirements, how the situation is on site and give you a more precise idea on the price.

Where in Italy do you work?

Our headquarters are in the Metropolitan City of Venice, but we work all over Italy.

Do you take up work abroad?

Our secondary headquarters are in London. Accordingly, we can take on some international projects. We have recently had projects in France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and Africa.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not make use of a showroom; our fireplaces are generally unique pieces and it is also very hard for us in some cases to reproduce feasibility difficulties we have faced and solved in a showroom. We do, however, offer onsite project guidance for appropriate advice and help to make the best decisions. We would like to specify that this has a price and can be refunded should an order be placed.

Transport and guarantee:

All our products are guaranteed by the parent company and this of course includes customized or made to order products as well. Please note that the goods are guaranteed from when the customer receives them on site and standard delivery is curbside (up to the front of your house and not upstairs, if not previously agreed upon).



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